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El Bahira

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El Bahira

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In Sicily, a few kilometres from San Vito lo Capo and the Zingaro Nature Reserve, the camping village El Bahira overlooks the Golfo di Cofano with its beautiful sunsets, rock faces suitable for climbing and rugged cliffs near Bue Marino, voted the most beautiful beach in Italy 2015 by Legambiente.


We inform that the camping is open all year-round. We inform, further, that services (Bar - Restaurant - Market - Pizzeria - Swimming Pools) are closed from November to March.

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El Bahira offers guests outdoor experiences, such as climbing, diving, biking and trails. Log in to learn more

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El Bahira El Bahira

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El Bahira is the ideal destination for your holiday just a stone's throw from the marvelous San Vito lo Capo, pearl of the Province of Trapani and Western Sicily. An eco-natural camping village with the best services, amenities and events, immersed in nature, right by the the sea. El Bahira can offer you outdoor experiences such as climbing, diving, biking and trails.

El Bahira

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