The “Village Fairs“ of  El Bahira

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The “Village Fairs“ of El Bahira


Just ten appointments during the 2020 season.

Real “Village Fairs” complete with stalls where typical local dishes are served. The event, held along the central avenue which is decorated with lights, is accompanied by songs, dances and performances by local artists.

Before the tasting, that can count as dinner, there is the presentation by a chef of the main dish of the evening, which from time to time will be boiled mutton, warm ricotta cheese, tripe, bread with spleen, sfinge (typical doughnuts), barbecued sausage, u’ panicunzatu (dressed bread), couscous.

The purpose of the event is to promote local products and traditions that only by being on the spot can you, as a tourist, really get to know and appreciate.

El Bahira

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Special Offer for Climbers

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